Controls, templates, and tools for building Universal Windows Platform apps on Windows 10. The Intense toolkit consists of two parts; a library of controls and helpers distributed as NuGet package, and a Visual Studio extension with project templates for creating new UWP apps.

Intense Templates

Adds new project and item templates to Visual Studio 2015 for creating Universal Windows apps. The templates are available in both C# and Visual Basic flavors.


The project templates are designed for both desktop and mobile scenarios. The adaptive layout ensures your app looks great on screens of any size, and is a perfect fit for Continuum.

Continuum enables your mobile app to run on a large screen with keyboard and mouse support.


Download the VSIX installer from the Visual Studio Gallery. Alternatively, search for intense in the Extensions and Updates dialog in Visual Studio 2015.

Once installed the templates are available in the New Project dialog in Templates > Visual C# (or Visual Basic) > Windows > Universal. Intense templates are prefixed with the 🔟 symbol, so they stand out in the crowd.

New Project dialog